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New Fan Registration

Why do we need all this information?

We get it, no one likes to give out their information online these days (neither do we).

The information we ask for is the bare minimum required by Bayern in order to register new fans.  Once you've registered as a member of our fan club, we'll pass your membership information along to FC Bayern Munich to make it official.  Within 24-48 hours of registering, you should receive an email from them asking you to confirm your membership, simply click the link to approve and you'll be registered.

Your information will only be shared with Bayern Munich, and we promise to never give it to any other third parties (we're not monsters after all).

By signing up, you acknowledge that you might get an email newsletter a couple times a year (we're far too lazy to spam), and we're too poor to ever mail anything to your address.  We only ask for your phone number (not required) in case we need to reach out to you if there are any questions regarding your order on our fan club shop.

Membership Information

Becoming a member of our fan club is quick and simple! Just fill out the form to the left here and we'll add your name to the roster!

In the meantime, you can show your support by visiting our Facebook page! There you'll find information on our weekly events, as well as the latest news, group trips, and even special deals on items in our store.

Registered members are entitled to special benefits such as...

  • Email notifications with info on exclusive, member-only events
  • Early access to game tickets
  • Discounts on home game tickets
  • Receiving our club newsletter with exclusive coupons and meet-ups
  • Access to fan-club exclusive merchandise
  • Discounts on merchandise in FCB fan shops
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